Natural Home Remedies for Cold Sores

Cold sores are abrasions that appear in the mouth and provide painful discomfort to the infected area. This can also occurs in gums, tongues, or cheeks that cause so many difficulties such as difficulty of swallowing crunchy or acidic foods. This disease usually occurs when the level of lysine in your body drops or when you are under a stressful condition. Other causes include accidental biting of the tongue or lips, or scorching your mouth with hot foods. Sometimes, lack of nutrients such as Vitamin B12 also causes you to acquire this health malady.

How to Get Rid of A Cold Sore

One of the most common home remedies for cold sores is taking up antibiotics which are sometimes not effective. Others are wary taking it, so they prefer the natural way of treating it. Another effective home remedy for cold sores is improving the level of lysine in your body. This is an amino acid that naturally grows in the body. It supresses the growth of the virus called Herpes Simplex that causes sore colds. This amino acid greatly helps in reducing the recurrence of this disease. For you to increase the level of lysine, you just have to eat foods that are rich in it such as cheese, pears, plain yogurt, fish, milk, and apples. This effectively decreases the herpes virus, thus making you more resistant to cold sore.

People with cold sore should avoid arginine rich foods. This is an amino acid that develops and renews cell growth and can trigger the growth of the Herpes virus even more. Eating foods that are rich with this element also decreases the level of lysine that makes you more vulnerable to this illness.

You also have to be aware of the factors that cause this illness such as poor diet. Proper diet is very important for you to stay resilient from this ailment. If you are undergoing a cold sore treatment, you have to avoid eating foods that can trigger this ailment such as chocolates or peanuts. As much as possible, avoid being stressed because this is a great contributor in acquiring this kind of infection. The PH balance should be maintained on its normal level. Most of all, you should get enough rest.

Another one of the easiest home remedies for cold sores is cleansing your system to remove the toxins that causes the bug. This can be done by eating more fruits and fresh green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, garlic, cauliflower, onion, beans, and chili. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that you can use in fighting off herpes virus. You should also have more intake of vitamin C. Dress the sores regularly with lemon balm to quicken the healing of the cold sore. Fine salt can also be used in curing the blisters by simply applying it directly on the sore. Ice is also an effective way of treating sore, which you can do every hour. These are just among the treatments that you can use to strengthen your immunity and to fight off cold syndrome.

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