4 Tips and tricks to loose weight Fast

Weight is the result of  calorie consumption and expenditure from food intake and physical activities, when the equation is disproportionate weight problems begin either over or under weight. In general terms the major reason is excess food intake and sedentarism which we can conclude in two words “bad habits”, We will see the basic steps to take to loose weight fast 4 Tips and tricks to loose weight fast.

To loose weight fast first you need to identify your bad habits, so get a piece of paper, a pencil and start writing a list,then add, how many hours are you actually sleeping, how many meals a day you are doing, how much are you eating fast food, desserts, sodas and water intake, how much physical activities you are doing per week (Minutes or hours) and stress level you have.

Remember many chronic diseases and weight problems  are the result of a lifestyle. After you recognized your bad habits you must set your personal goals for each one, try to make a reasonable and achievable goals for example: Sleep at least 7 hours, make 5 meals a day, eat 3 fruits a day, have a cheat day once a week, drink 8 glasses of water per day, change soda for water and fries for salad if you have to eat outside, and of course avoid dessert!, go for a walk or jogging at least 3 days per week (45 minutes per session), give yourself quality time to reduce stress, go out with friends, take a bubble bath, listen to music, read a book, watch a movie, hug your family and pets, the same way you take care of your body you need to take care of your soul and mind , mind control is an important aspect to loose weight fast.

Focus on your calorie and food groups intake, you need to get rid of sugar and refined flour, the main reason is to be healthier this way you are going to get fit and feel  with energy for the rest of your life, you don´t want a 30 days diet plan for short term results you are looking for a lifestyle change, so start by planning your own healthy meal plan for every day and add more vegetables and fruits, whole grains, eat every 4 hours to make 5 meals a day, reduce your sugar consumption, drink more water. This will balance your calorie intake and you will start loosing the extra pounds.

Boost your metabolism, If you are a very busy person try to find moments to increase your physical activity, start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk in your lunch time at least for 10 minutes, when you get home before get into bed go out and walk or make a 5-7 minutes routine you may upload an app in your cellphone to achieve greater results and at the end make a stretching routine remember your muscles need to be stretch for several reasons, to release stress, bad postures, to avoid injuries after physical activities.   Try to keep this plan for at least 21 days, it´s the minimum number of days your brain needs to change habits, then it will be very easy for you to loose weight fast and and you´ll start feeling the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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